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How to reference


Xbim toolkit is the result of several years of academic research and development, if you use any part of xbim in your research we welcome and encourage appropriate acknowledgement in your publications.

If you do reference our work, please avoid informal references to the GitHub website or the Nuget package; the best way to reference our work is through our publication on The Journal of Open Source Software (JOSS).



Cite as:

Lockley, S., Benghi, C., Černý M., 2017. Xbim.Essentials: a library for interoperable building information applications. Journal of Open Source Software, 2(20), 473,

Full biblatex record

Most reference management applications will import the reference from the following snippet, you can also download it as a single file.

  title = {Xbim.{{Essentials}}: A Library for Interoperable Building Information Applications},
  volume = {2},
  url = {},
  doi = {10.21105/joss.00473},
  shorttitle = {Xbim.{{Essentials}}},
  number = {20},
  journaltitle = {The Journal of Open Source Software},
  author = {Lockley, Steve and Benghi, Claudio and Černý, Martin},
  urldate = {2017-12-07},
  date = {2017-12-07},
  pages = {473},
  abstract = {The Xbim.Essentials library offers data extraction, data transformation and data validation
functions for Building Information Models (BIM); its robust and optimised implementation
allows efficient operations on gigabyte-range files for researchers and practitioners
interested in the built environment.}


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