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Xbim Xplorer


This application is one one of the demonstrators of the xbim toolkit.

It's a .NET Windows application running on WPF that demonstrates how to use some of the APIs of the toolkit.

You can download the code as part of the Xbim WindowsUI repository or download a digitally signed precompiled installer.

The precompiled installer uses a slighly modified version of Squirrel.Windows to keep the version on your computer up to date when you launch it, so once installed you don't have to worry about new releases.


The application is capable of loading IFC2x3 and IFC4 models, and has a modular infrastructure to load plugins that will be documented soon.

Main features include:

Plugins are available for:


For feedback and questions on Xbim Xplorer please use the repository's issues page on GitHub

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Some of the companies using xbim toolkit:

xbim ltd.