Examples of usage

The following list includes a set of examples that demonstrate some applications of the toolkit.


See Xbim.Essentials library.


Example Description
Basic model operations This example demos four basic functions of CRUD persistent storage (Create, Retrieve, Update and Delete).
Watch the log! xBIM uses Log4Net to log processing errors and warnings where exceptions are not appropriate.
Proper Wall in 3D Quite a lot of work is involved with producing a single wall in IFC.
STEP to XML and Back Again Converting between formats supported by the library.
Using LINQ for Optimal Query Performance Depending on the syntax you use the code might be faster or slower.
Data extraction This example shows how to extract data for your analytical purposes.


Example Description
Insert Copy Function Merging and deleting entities in IFC models is a non-trivial task because IFC is not a hierarchical structure. It is a complex structure with potential cyclic relations an bi-directional navigation.


See Xbim.Geometry library.


Example Description
Creating WexBIM File Preparing a file for export to the web viewer for IFC.

Contribute more examples

If you have used Xbim and feel that more documentation is needed, feel free to contribute to the documentation, we'd be happy to merge your Pull Request.

Some of the companies using xBIM Toolkit: